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Five Minute Messages: How to build a local economy...



For many years, POLICOM has advised communities throughout the United States on the condition of their economy
and how to improve it. 

From this experience, POLICOM discovered there is a greater likelihood for success if community leaders and the general public have a thorough understanding of how a local economy works and what it takes to cause economic growth.

Unfortunately, very few individuals, whether government, business, or civic leaders, have ever been taught why a local economy behaves the way it does and what is needed to create long-term economic prosperity.

To help community leaders understand the nature of "economic development," POLICOM's The Flow of Money was created.

To make it even easier to learn these important concepts, POLICOM is creating a series of educational videos.  These "five minute messages" cover a large number of issues regarding local economies, how they grow or decline, and what communities need to do to improve their local economies.

The videos are limited to just five minutes to encourage viewing.  They provide a summary of the issue.

When watching you will likely think of information regarding the topic which was not included. The hardest part of creating the videos was limiting them to five minutes, as each topic could easily have consumed an hour.

We welcome your comments regarding the videos.  Please email us at info@policom.com.

If you prefer, you can view the videos on You Tube: